Nairobi National Park and Mount Wuyi National Park Partnership

Date Published:

Saturday, September 23, 2023 - 14:45

In a groundbreaking collaboration that transcends borders and celebrates shared commitment to wildlife conservation, the Nairobi National Park and Mount Wuyi National Park-China, managers signed a partnership deal under the visionary leadership of the Kenya Wildlife Service (KWS) Director General Dr. Erustus Kanga and the Fujian Governor Zhao Long, on the 22ndSeptember 2023, at the KWS Headquarters, Nairobi. 

This partnership plays a vital role in the global effort to protect and preserve wildlife. Speaking at the KWS headquarters, Governor Zhao Long expressed his desire to learn from the KWS park management system. “Kenya has a long history and rich experience in the development of parks, today China is also committed to the development of national parks,” he stated, adding.” I hope that through this cooperation we could learn more from the Kenyan National Park System.” A statement that speaks volumes about the global recognition of Kenya’s expertise in wildlife conservation.

The partnership between these two iconic parks not only signifies a bond between Kenya and China but also represents a broader commitment to international cooperation in conservation and tourism.

Speaking during the event Dr. Kanga emphasized the importance of such collaborations, stating that Nairobi National Park and Mount Wuyi National Park have much to learn from each other,both as a tourist destination, and as a conservation park. “By joining hands together we enhance conservation efforts, share knowledge, and work together to address challenges facing our parks and wildlife,” he stated.

The partnership is expected to yield numerous benefits, including enhanced capacity in park management, open Kenya tourism sector in China, and create an opportunity for researchers from both countries to collaborate on research and best practices in conservation management. In the spirit of unity and shared responsibility, Nairobi National Park and Mount Wuyi National Park have set the stage for a brighter future for our natural world.