Senior Management

Director General

DR. ERUSTUS KANGA (HSC) Dr. Erustus Kanga is the Director General of Kenya Wildlife Service (KWS). Dr. Kanga has over 20 years’ experience in biodiversity conservation, climate change vulnerability assessment and mapping, bio-enterprises, and community livelihood support. He has a long trajectory in biodiversity conservation, including (five) 5 years of service as the Secretary for Wildlife at the Ministry of Tourism, Wildlife & Heritage, and 16 years of extensive work experience with the Kenya Wildlife Service, where he was responsible for Biodiversity Research and Monitoring across the Protected Areas. In 2017, he was awarded the Head of State Commendation (HSC) in recognition for his outstanding and distinguished services in the field of biodiversity conservation. Dr. Kanga attained his PhD in Natural Resources Conservation from the University of Groningen in the Netherlands in the year 2011. He has authored over 30 publications, and is driven by the passion to work towards the core purpose of biodiversity conservation.

Ag. Deputy Director and Head of Investigation

Mr. Elema W. Saru, HSC, ‘ndc’ (K)

Ag Deputy Director, Community Relations and Education Services

Mrs. Mary Kirabui, ‘ndc’ (K)

Ag. Director - Partnership & Enterprise

Michael Nicholson

Ag. Director Human Resource & Administration

Valentain Kanani

Deputy Director - Parks & Reserves

Dickson Ritan

Ag. Deputy Director, Wildlife Protection Division

George Osuri

Ag. Director Infrastructure & Facilities Management

Eng. Bernard Mbeda

Ag. Deputy Director, Community Relations & Education Services

Samuel Tokore

Ag. Corporation Secretary

Benta Musima

Director Wildlife Security

Johana Tonui

Director, Wildlife & Community Service

Prof. Charles Musyoki