Lake Simbi National Sanctuary

"For the Birds"

Located close to Kendu Bay town, Lake Simbi is a tiny Crater Lake measuring about one kilometre in radius. Both Lake Simbi and adjacent Odango sites support a substantial bird population that includes flamingos, little grebes, little egrets and Egyptian geese, making it a haven for bird watchers.

Key features

  • L. Simbi is a small alkaline crater lake of volcanic origin with no known inlet and outlet
  • Population:250,000 with the basin having 325 individual.
  • Soil: Volcanic alluvial, clay and black cotton
  • Vegetation: Acacia-balanties-combretum-striga weed
  • Birdlife: Flamingoes, little grebe, little egret, Egyptian goose
  • Land use: Agriculture
  • Due to its high alkalinity the lake is not used for drinking and has no fish.
  • Natural medicine as the water treats skin diseases.
  • Mining of salt by the locals from the lake.
  • Provides opportunity for recreation activities.
  • Personal well being and the water is used by a local church as source of blessing and it is believed to have supernatural powers.
  • Provide education for the local community due to the story of the lake origin
  • Bird watching as the lake is known for bird life.

Protected Area Type

Park Size

Lake- 0.29km², Basin – 0.59km²


Temperature: Max -31ºC and Min 18ºC, Rainfall: 500mm -1700mm


1142m a.s.l.
  • Bird watching

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