Date Published:

Monday, September 18, 2023 - 16:15

Community, Culture, and Conservation are three vital pillars of wildlife preservation, and the Kenya Wildlife Service (KWS) understands that their successful integration is essential to achieving their mission. During the recent Ura Gate Tharaka Nithi Cultural Festival, KWS demonstrated its unwavering commitment to environmental conservation and community engagement by sponsoring this annual celebration of unity, culture and the incredible biodiversity of the Tharaka region.

For the last three years, this annual cultural celebration has become an iconic tradition among the Tharaka Community, bringing together a diverse harmonious celebration of culture and traditions, where they showcase their heritage through traditional music, dance, indigenous art and food. This strengthens their cultural bond, fosters unity and above all, promotes appreciation of the local cultures, especially for people not indigenous to the Tharaka Nithi region. 

Acknowledging the unique inclusion of riparian groups and the celebration’s significance and impact to the local community, KWS provided crucial support to the celebrants. In the vicinity of the Meru National Park, the Service provided sleeping tents and food in addition to facilitating their transport to the festival’s venue, in appreciation of their invaluable contributions to environmental conservation. 

As a special highlight, KWS offered the community a one-day complimentary game drive in the fascinating Meru National Park, allowing the residents to connect with their remarkable natural biodiversity. This game drive enabled locals to witness Kenya's stunning wildlife and develop a deeper appreciation for nature's wonders. A reflection of KWS's dedication to wildlife conservation and its unwavering commitment to strengthening the bond between the local community and the natural wonders of the park.

KWS recognizes that local community involvement is vital in safeguarding Kenya's ecological treasures. The residents are the true custodians of these lands and their support is indispensable for preserving these ecosystems. Through this gift of a free game drive, KWS seeks to reinforce the strong relationship between the community and the park, emphasizing the significance of protecting this magical ecology.

By interweaving culture with conservation, KWS underscored the message that preserving our natural heritage is not just an environmental obligation but also a cultural responsibility. The Service is hopeful that this celebration will inspire the Ura Gate community to become passionate advocates for wildlife conservation. The free game drive initiative aligns seamlessly with KWS's broader vision of promoting sustainable tourism and stimulating economic growth in communities that border national parks. By providing opportunities for local residents to experience the park's wonders, KWS is nurturing a sense of ownership and pride in the natural resources that surround them. This, in turn, can lead to the development of sustainable tourism practices that benefit both the environment and the local economy.