Date Published:

Thursday, February 1, 2024 - 18:00

Kenya Wildlife Service received conservation support from the German Embassy in Kenya, in the form of two heavy duty vehicles and assorted office equipment, Thursday, 1st February, 2024 at Clubhouse in Nairobi National Park.

The donations were handed over by the German Ambassador to Kenya, H.E. Sebastian Groth, and other officials from the Embassy.

Receiving the donations on behalf of the Service, Cabinet Secretary in the Ministry of Tourism and Wildlife Hon. Dr. Alfred Mutua said that his ministry was grateful to the German government, adding that one of the two vehicles would be deployed to enhance tourism activities by ferrying visitors into the park. The second vehicle would be deployed in KWS operations which enhance wildlife security.

Hon. Dr. Mutua thanked the German Government for the cordial relationship maintained with the Kenya Government. He also appreciated the Principal Secretary, State Department for Wildlife Hon. Silvia Museiya, KWS Director General Dr. Erustus Kanga and especially the GTZ officers who gave the donation.

The CS explained that Kenya’s unique biodiversity makes her a jewel in the world, and that his ministry is making plans to increase tourist numbers, which will have the ripple effect of availing resources to the ordinary citizen, thus boosting the economy as engendered in the Bottom up Transformation Agenda (BETA).

Hon. Dr. Mutua said that KWS officers involved in wildlife protection work around the clock, facing poachers and other ill-intentioned people daily, adding that some of these lawbreakers live among communities. The CS said that plans were underway to erect electric fences used to separate humans and wildlife, leading to reduced human wildlife conflict.

The donation ceremony culminated in a game drive through Nairobi National Park, with the two donated vehicles ferrying the German and Kenyan teams into the park.