Date Published:

Wednesday, November 8, 2023 - 09:30

On Monday, 6th November 2023, the Kenya Wildlife Service (KWS) led by Ag. Deputy, Director Community Relations and Education Services Mary Kirabui, celebrated the East and Central Africa Elephant Awareness Campaign Walk, ‘Walk for Elephant’ final procession, honoring Jim Justus Nyamu, the founder of “Ivory Belongs to Elephant Movement”, at the KWS headquarters, Nairobi.

Speaking during the occasion, on behalf of the Director General, Dr. Erustus Kanga, Kirabui acknowledged Jim as an individual who has risen to the occasion, both in making a difference in raising awareness of elephant protection and environmental preservation as well as an inspiration to all of us. Starting in July 2023, his remarkable initiative has captured the minds and hearts of people across the Eastern Africa region as he champions the cause of regional collaboration, community engagement, and the urgent need to protect our biodiversity.

Driven by three principles of ‘Es’- Engage, Educate, and Enterprise, as a bedrock in his mission to safeguard elephants and their habitats as well as to protect the broader spectrum of Mother Nature, Nyamu’s journey epitomizes the essence of wildlife conservation.

Speaking during the East and Central Africa Elephant Final Procession, Nyamu placed an emphasis on community and stakeholders’ engagement in the fight to protect wildlife. His walk for elephants is a call for unity and collaboration among governments and communities. Throughout his expedition, he has been engaging with local communities, fellow conservationists and government officials, fostering a sense of shared responsibility that transcend borders, ensuring that the conservation of elephants and their ecosystems become a collective effort.

One key solution to promoting wildlife protection is ensuring that the indigenous communities living around the parks understand the importance, value, and, benefit from the wildlife preservation initiatives. In his final remarks, Jim called for the need to have more ambassadors to champion conservation and community initiatives as there is still a lot to be done.

Nyamu’s journey aligns with the late Nobel Laureate Wangari Maathai’s Vision, who famously stated in her book “My Own Little Thing,” small actions can lead to significant change. A single person’s determination can catalyze larger efforts to conserve and to protect our environment. KWS’ mission to protect and preserve Kenya’s biodiversity rely on your own little things.