Date Published:

Tuesday, August 31, 2021 - 14:45

Kenya’s heritage of natural beauty and scenic splendour is made infinitely richer because of our diverse wildlife. Across the globe, our Nation is renowned for our rich bio-diversity that spans air, water, and land; natural wealth that makes us a conservation and tourism destination second to none.

As the world grapples with both climate change and human activities that threaten botanical and zoological life as well as their habitats, Kenya is leading the way by implementing bold and decisive actions to conserve and promote our ecological wealth.

It is against that backdrop that the inaugural nationwide wildlife census has been conducted. This national endeavour is a historic opportunity to develop an annotated inventory of our wildlife resources, in recognition of their place as strategic national assets. The report arising from this noble national effort provides the required information to guide future conservation and management of our wildlife resources, in a manner that minimizes human-wildlife conflict and also promotes sustainable development.

As we continue to uphold our sacred duty of protecting our wildlife for current and future generations, I call on all players within the Government as well as in our private sector to make this report a central cog of all plans and actions within wildlife conservation and management.

H.E Uhuru Kenyatta, CGH
President of the Republic of Kenya and
Commander-In-Chief of the Defence Forces

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