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  • NewsWILDLIFE CONSERVATION AND MANAGEMENT ACT 2013 CALL FOR PUBLIC PARTICIPATION TO DEVELOP REGULATION AND GUIDELINESThe Wildlife Conservation and Management Act, 2013 (the ‘Act’) came into force on 10 January, 2014. Section 116 of the Act empowers the Cabinet Secretary in charge of wildlife to formulate rules and regulations to implement various provisions of the Act....[ More ]Published 12 Feb, 2015
  • NewsPress Statement 5th Feb 2015Thank you for honouring our invitation for this press conference. Happy New Year to you all, though a bit late, and welcome to Kenya Wildlife Service...[ More ]Published 09 Feb, 2015
  • NewsNational Elephant ConferenceLand use pressure, habitat loss, human elephant conflict (HEC), and illegal killing for both meat and ivory continue to pose threats to the long-term survival of elephant populations across Africa. Recent research also points to climate change and the increasing frequency of droughts as a major threat to elephant populations....[ More ]Published 06 Feb, 2015
28th FEBRUARY– 7th MARCH 2015

The Kenya Wildlife Festival is an opportunity for all Kenyans from all walks of life to learn about wildlife through a variety of means including music, theatre, debates, films, and citizen science projects. The Wildlife Festival is an opportunity to share the country’s vision and encourage citizens’ participation in a future where people and wildlife coexist in harmony.

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