Date Published:

Wednesday, April 8, 2020 - 14:45

In keeping with the goverment directives on how to curb the transmission of the corona virus, Kenya Wildlife Service has adopted the following measures:

  1. Hours of operation have been adjusted. Entry will now be from 6:00am and exits 4:00pm to comply with curfew rules.
  2. All visitors to our facilities should observe mandatory hand-washing/sanitizing before entry.
  3. All visitors undergo temparature checks at the main entrance.
  4. A minimum of two (2) rangers at each picnic site to enforce the six-foot distance social distancing rule for those using restrooms.
  5. Mandatory wearing of face masks while on KWS premises.
  6. Visitors on game drives are not allowed to come out of vehicles at picnic sites, camp sites and viewing points unless they are visiting restrooms.

If you choose to visit a national park, please ensure that you follow national public health guidelines to prevent the spread of corona virus. The decisions we make collectively will determine the direction that this outbreak will follow.


Brig (Rtd0 J, M. Waweru, EBS