As Kenya’s national wildlife conservation agency, our central mandate is to ensure effective conservation, protection and management of wildlife in accordance with the Wildlife Conservation and Management Act, 2013 which provides an opportunity for a paradigm shift in conservation strategies and approaches. As a result of the wide distribution of wildlife across the country and the multiple jurisdictional responsibilities involved, KWS focuses on protected areas and other sites of primary biological importance. The wide network of protected areas is shown in the prospectus on page 4.
Further, we recognise our visitors as important partners in conservation. We will therefore work to ensure that every visitor’s experience to our parks is one to remember for a lifetime. We commit ourselves to ensuring that every interaction with communities and individuals is one which leaves them with a sense of pride, inclusion, ownership and that makes them valuable contributors to wildlife conservation.

KWS wishes to invite private investors and developers to lease, develop and manage tourism facilities such as eco-lodges, tented camps and recreation areas at various locations in KWS national Parks.

To invest with us, kindly click on the prospectus below for detailed information.

Kenya Wildlife Service Wild Investment 2018 Prospectus.pdf

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Kenya Wildlife Service (KWS) wishes to invite qualified and experienced private investors and developers to submit written formal proposals to lease develop and manage tourism facilities and experiences within National Parks and Reserves. 
The sites and other opportunities are clearly outlined in a separate downloadable Prospectus document.



Kenya Wildlife Service (KWS) in consultation with Gimco Limited invites Request for Proposal (RFP) experienced restaurateurs’/hoteliers to lease, renovate, operate and provide outstanding restaurant services at the “Rangers” site in the KWS Headquarters complex at the Nairobi National Park. 
The location of the site provides revelers with a mix of recreation, leisure and entertainment with breathtaking scenery of flora and fauna. Proximity to Wilson Airport, the Southern Bypass and Jomo Kenyatta International Airport make the site ideal for breakfast, a morning game drive,  meetings, incentive, family outings and recreation.  The facility is being offered “Asis” and is available as a mixed use premises.