Release Date: 
Friday, June 7, 2019 - 15:15

Kenya Wildlife Service (KWS) has put in place elaborate measures to mitigate a surge of human-wildlife conflict cases in Kajiado County and other parts of the country in the recent past.

One of the specific cases that have caught our attention is where two people were killed by marauding elephants in Merueshi area of Kajiado East sub- County in Kajiado County. Immediately this happened, KWS mobilized resources and personnel to respond to the unfortunate incident, with both ground and air teams being dispatched to drive the jumbos back to protected areas.

KWS condoles with the families of the deceased, and reiterates its resolve to work closely with communities in areas affected by human-wildlife conflict. A KWS rapid response unit known as Problem Animal Management Unit (PAMU) continually monitors and rapidly responds to emerging conflict incidences.

In the case of Meruishi incident, PAMU supported by a multi- agency team from the county administration managed to drive the elephants back to Chyulu Hills National Park . The teams combed the area with aerial assistance from a helicopter and we confirm there are no stray elephants in the area now.

However, a standby team is there to keep vigil and ensure no wild animals stray into community settlements. We appeal to communities to remain calm and to immediately alert KWS officers in their respective localities whenever they sight stray wildlife.

On compensation for deaths occasioned by wild animals, KWS is currently in the process of disbursing funds availed by the Ministry of Tourism and Wildlife to pay families of people unfortunately killed by wildlife after due process and verification is done.